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Hair Tips

Make this year your best Remi Cachet year ever #NYR15

Here’s our top things to do this January to help promote Remi Cachet hair extensions to your clients – and they make handy New Years Resolutions too!

1) Call the team and make sure you have our poster, window sticker & tent card added to your next order to help attract new clients & tell existing one’s you offer Remi Cachet hair extensions.

2) Update your website & social media sites with the banners & skyscrapers we offer.     These could also be used to print up on flyers to leave with other local businesses.

3) Check if you are on our Find A Stylist and get in touch of you need adding or your contact details updating.

4) Take the opportunity to improve and update your hair extension skills with one of our training courses by professional for professionals.  Check out the latest training dates & venues here or consider training in the comfort of our own salon & call the team on 01642 867213 for more information & availability.    With HABIA accreditation it also counts towards your personal development.

5)  Treat your colour ring to a makeover too by washing, drying & straightening to be as good as new.  Then check if you have all the very latest colours. Don’t forget if you have bought your colour ring in the last 12 months, the new colour ferrals are absolutely FREE.  Keep your colour ring out so people can see the range of colours, pick up & try themselves.   Even if they do it as a laugh, it’s a good way to strike up a conversation about them or a change of colour and look.

6) Get yourself some stock of the Remi Cachet hair products on display in your reception area.  Set alongside our Tent Card or your portfolio book of amazing transformations with extensions; this will give clients something to flick through whilst they wait.  Another great idea to add is to add in some press coverage & celebrities.  If you need help here take a look at ours and feel free to print these: In the News and Celeb Clients  The products also make great giveaways.

7) If being tidy was on your #NY15 list then you need this – Remi Cachet Drawing Mat and we promise you will love it!

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