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#Modellife needs great hair

Remi Cachet devote Sophie Anderton just loves her hair extensions by Josh Smith and wouldn’t be without them as she embarks on a series of photo shoots & promotion for her own range of lingerie with Gossard & other modelling commitments.

With 100 strands of Flat Bonds from the Elegance Range in colour 1B applied a couple of weeks back, extensions Josh Smith has also been jointing her on shoots to style her hair.   Last week’s shoot was for a new skin hydration product which is due to launch in January and Josh explained what they were trying to achieve “We were looking for a really natural look and so blowdrying the hair to create soft bounce & volume  as well as shine.”

We’ve seen our model hit New York & London parties and are loving being up next to the likes of fashion legends #chanel & #versace

We will be sharing more snaps of Sophie’s hair over on the Remi Cachet Facebook page so make sure you ‘like’ to keep watching.

Sophie Anderton Collage2



























Sophie Anderton 2

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