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Has your hair got post summer blues?

We’ve had a brilliant summer but despite our best intentions hands up if you haven’t looked after your tresses as well as you should have.  Yep, we all do it.  Summer fun can leave our locks very dry and in need of some attention before we mention those autumn and winter days.  So here’s a helpful plan to get your locks back on track.

First up is to give your tresses a through wash to make remove all product residues.   Try the Remi Cachet Pre Shampoo  for this and follow with a good conditioner or treat yourself to a Hair Mask such as Morrocan Oil’s Light Hydrating Mask – amazing just keep it away from the bonds! We would also recommend the Additional Lengths Vitamin Treatment leave-in spray for some extra conditioning tlc.

Next up you need a good amount of YOU TIME so catch up TV is a must (We’re Breaking Bad addicts and Orange is the New Black is up next!) So it’s all about the brushing and detangling try the fabulous Tangle Teezer to maintain your locks; working in small sections and brushing the ends first before working up the hair lengths. Tangled and matted bonds are a clear indication of unloved hair extensions and can cause you and your extensionist a nightmare when it comes to removal so take the time now to make sure your bonds are separated!.

Last but not least, get yourself an appointment with your favourite Extensionist for a healthy trim and maintenance check. Find a stylists near you here!

Looking after your hair extensions will allow you to keep them in for longer and possibly even re-apply them. So keep up with your new regime and swish your hair in the last of the summer’s rays.

Did you know it’s only 16 weeks till Christmas! Not that we get too excited here about all things Santa, we would recommend you get your next set of extensions booked in now to look fabulous for the festive season!

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