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Fall in love with Autumn shades

Big colour changes tend to be twice a year – New Year and Autumn so with summer now fading we can get excited about a new hue and have fun with some gorgeously rich shades.   Darker colour can make us feel warm but it’s essential to get it right and work with your skin tone, eye colour and wardrobe.

Kendall Jenner sports rich browns that match her eyes and olive skin.
If you don’t want to go too dark straight away, you can always talk to your stylist about doing this gradually.  Look to Alexa Chung for how to wear ombre or the more subtle sombre trend. Don’t forget to read our earlier blog about chocolate shades for some more inspiration.

Taylor Swift sports the bronde (mix of blonde and brown) very well to be an ashier more natural tone.

Red heads like Emma Stone shine in this season and this undone look easily carries a few shorter highlights and roots.
Strong copper shades can carry blonde highlights really well – have a try!

For the most natural looks always use a professional stylist who can talk you through the colour swatches of hair extensions and create a look just right for you.

If warm is not your thing and ice queen is the look you want, then keep your eyes peeled for next weeks blog …

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