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Hair Tips

Tips to protect your hair colour this summer

We are often asked about blonde hair turning green in swimming pools so we asked Remi Cachet Educator and Extensionsist, Abigail Nicholls, to explain more.
Blonde hair is very porous and easily absorbs colour especially when bleached and coloured.   The build of chlorine on your hair can allow the traces of copper and iron in the water to absorb into the blonde hair turning it a shade of green.   It’s not just green that you need to look for, darker hair colours often turn orange.    This is also what many extension wearers look for as the extension hair started off life dark and then have been processed into the colour they are now.      This is obviously more prone during the holidays as we have fun the pool chlorine, sun, sea salt and water filter systems abroad all attack our perfect tresses.
There are a few simple rules to help protect you hair and keep your colour safe this summer.
  1. Wet your hair before getting in the pool
  2. Use your conditioner or leave-in conditioner to act as a mask on your wet hair
  3. Rinse your hair when you get out of the pool or sea
  4. Wash your hair thoroughly each day with a clarifying shampoo such as Remi Cachet pre-treatment Shampoo
  5. Blue or Silver shampoo will help tone the orange pigments
If you have any concerns, please ask your stylist before your holiday and have your colour checked on your return home.

Please Note: Your hair extensions will need additional maintenance and care when on holiday to keep them looking at their best.   Please ask your extensionist about this during your consultation to learn more about maintenance and also read our notes on Summer Sun hair care

Summer care tips 2

Hair Tips

Sporty Style Ideas

It’s time to enjoy the Commonwealth games and get inspired to join in some sport.  But before you do let’s just think about the hairdo first so you look your best and keep those tresses perfect for your medal ceremony:
– Securely tie your hair up (but not too tightly as this could pull the bonds) to keep out of the way and prevent matting
– You can never go wrong with a plait especially if you need a cycling hemet on
– Accessorize with a head band to control stray hairs
– If you are heading to the pool for a spot of diving or swimming; wash & condition your hair well to remove the chlorine and don’t forget to thoroughly dry your hair before heading out
– If you take part in a lot of sport, remember to tell your stylist at your consultation as they may look to keep bonds away from the nape of your neck allowing you to sweat and cool down without fear of loosing any bonds
Check out this gallery of athletes sport hairstyles
So go enjoy this fab summer and head out to enjoy some sporty hair.  #BringItOn!
Hair Tips

Sweet Chocolate Hairspiration

Keen to get bikini ready, Monday’s National Chocolate Day was tough but it did get us thinking about sweet colour inspiration from our favourite celebs.  Chocolate – svelte, glossy and rich browns

Dark – think Kim Kardashian
Milk – think Kate Middleton
White – Bride Fearne Cotton
Chocolate Orange – Saturday’s Una Foden

Check out more of your favourite chocolate brown #Hairspiration here!

Hair Tips

Faux or not to faux?

If you are like us and just love your #longhairdontcare, then this current trend to chop your precious locks isn’t for you.  But help is at hand in the form of the ‘faux bob’ or ‘fob’.
We’ve seen several celebs teasing us with ‘have they or haven’t they’ gone for the snip.    First their was Big Bang girl Kaley Cuoco who did eventually crop it all off, but Rosie Huntingdon-Whitley #selfie sported a bob on the beach in LA this week.
We have to ask: why would you ever want to swap your fabulous long tresses for a crop?   Have the best of both worlds and faux-it!  Here’s how …
With the lower half of your hair, make two loose plaits and cross them at the nape of the neck, secure with kirby grips.  Tuck your lengths under and through the plaits.   Have a good spray with some Strong Hold Hairspray and loosen a few strands to give a natural effect.
If it get’s cooler in the evening, a great cheats version is to simply use your cardi or jacket collar ago securely hold your long locks in place and tease up your hair to just over the collar.    To tip is to straighten your hair to help seamlessly hide your locks.