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The team shared the Remi Cachet love at ProHairLive

The team took Remi Cachet to leading hair show ProHairLive in Manchester last weekend to share with hairdressers all things Remi Cachet – the fabulous range hair and choice of application methods.   We had such a great two days and just want to share our  top 5 most asked questions from the show.

1) What does ‘remi’ mean? Some people thought that ‘remi’ referred to the grade of hair. Remi is referring to the hair cuticle being intact and undamaged. If the cuticle is intact and the hair is healthy and strong; then the hair is better quality and will last longer.

2) How long do they last? This depends on the range of hair used and also the care & maintenance regime. Our Luxury Range is high quality Chinese Remi hair which lasts on average up to 6 months plus. The Elegance Range is high quality Mongolian/Russian mix that will last on average up to 9 months plus. Our founder, Vicky has been wearing her Elegance Mini Tips hair (with the Mini Locks application) since Salon International last October and they still look fabulous.

3) Is it double drawn hair? Oh absolutely YES the cuticle is correct from the root to the ends

4) Which is the most popular application type? This would have to be our Mini Locks – stylist love applying them and clients love how small, discreet and flat they lie in the hair.

5) Does this damage the hair? Good training in correct application is essential here. None of the application methods we use and train in cause damage to the hair so long as expertly applied and with the client following the maintenance instructions provided.

It was our Tape Hair & Mini Locks that had the most attention; lots of love for our balayage range subtle ombre tones and for the fact that we have stock of those important summer blondes.

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