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Hair Tips

Tips to help you choose your hair extensions!

We understand you want to get it right and get the best extensions to suit you, so here’s our quick guide to help you choose the right hair extensions:

•   So first up, 100% human hair is the only way forward. You needn’t worry about styling and caring for your hair the same as your own natural hair.
•   Always get them professionally fitted by a qualified hairdresser; that way you know they will look AMAZING!
•   Your stylist will be able to chat through how many extensions you need, as this may vary depending on the effect you want and your own hair.
•   Elegance v. Luxury Hair Ranges: both are excellent quality and offer pre-bonded and weft hair extensions, but the Tape-Ins are only available in the Luxury Range. The key difference is that the Elegance Range will last up to 9 month with correct maintenance, compared to the 6 months with the Luxury hair.
•   Pre-bonded Extensions: available in Elegance Flat & Mini Tips or Luxury Nail or Stick Tip. The real benefits here are that they can last longer than wefts and tape in and that it offers you greater movement with your hair; allowing you to still create amazing up do’s with the small bonds discreetly concealed. You can also create a great effect with just a few extensions, maybe try a fringe, or colour highlights.
•   Wefts: available in Elegance or Luxury Ranges. Wefts are great for creating volume in an instant.
•   Tape In: available in Luxury Range and can last up to 12 weeks. Tape in hair is a great introduction to extensions or for someone who just wants something different for a special occasion, maybe a wedding or party night.

Now if you need some inspiration, head over to the Remi Cachet Facebook photo albums to see great before and afters in the #MondayMakeover & Celebrity hair.

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