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Hair Extension Aftercare Guide

Now you’ve got your fabulous hair extensions, how do you look after them to keep them in top condition?

Correct aftercare is essential to maintain the quality of your hair extensions and to help prolong their life. It is important to not only follow the correct advice, but to also use the correct and recommended products. Failure to follow correct aftercare advice could cause damage to the hair extensions and decrease their lifespan.

At Additional Lengths we’ve put together a hair extension aftercare guide to help you make the right choices when it comes to caring for your hair.

If you have purchased Remi Cachet hair extensions then you should be using the Remi Cachet aftercare products. If you are using our Euro Premium hair extensions then the Additional Lengths aftercare products should be used, these can be purchased here.

Washing The Hair

We recommend that you should wash your hair no more than 3 times per week.

  • Before washing you should de-tangle the hair from ends to root using a gentle brush
  • Wash the hair in an upright position using specialist hair extension shampoo in lukewarm water, ensuring that you do not massage vigorously or twist the hair.
  • Massage the shampoo gently into the scalp and over bonded areas letting the suds run through the lengths of the hair, shampoo twice to ensure clean scalp and lengths.
  • Ensure conditioner is only on the middle and ends of the hair - avoid putting the product on the root area and areas where extensions are attached, making sure to rinse thoroughly to avoid any build-up.
  • After washing, avoid rolling or rubbing the hair, instead gently squeeze out the excess water and pat dry with a towel.
  • Apply Remi Cachet Hair Extension Oil to damp hair, starting at the tips gently rub the oil into the hair moving upwards, avoiding the bonded areas at the roots.
  • Gently blow dry the hair using a cold setting to begin with, this avoids any problems with the bonds softening or rings corroding, then proceed to blow-dry the hair as normal.

Daily Maintenance

It is important to use a professional extension brush when brushing the hair, and we recommend using the Remi Cachet Hair Extension Brush which has been designed specifically for all types of hair extensions. You should always start to brush your hair from the bottom then slowly move up towards the top of the head to the root area.

When it comes to sleeping, avoid going to sleep with wet hair - always make sure your extensions are completely dry to avoid any potential problems occurring. We suggest putting your hair into a loose ponytail or plait before bed which helps to prevent the hair from tangling or matting.

General Advice


Only 100% remi or human hair extensions can be coloured, synthetic hair extensions cannot be coloured. Bearing in mind that the hair extensions have already been through a chemical process, it is at your own risk if you decide to dye them as it may affect the hair condition. For this reason, it’s a good idea to dye your hair before getting hair extensions installed, and having the hair colour matched to your desired colour.

Those with hair extensions in beautiful ash colour shades can be maintained throughout wear with silver shade or purple toning products to maintain the colour tone, otherwise fading may occur, these are used at the users own risks.


Hair extensions are not recommended for use in chlorinated water, saltwater, and hard water with high mineral content, or in hotter climates than normally accustomed to as damage or discolouration can occur. You can read more about our research into hair extension discolouration on our blog.

For avid swimmers and summer holiday pool dips, there are products such as Malibu C Hard Water or Malibu C Swimmers which can rectify the problem if discolouration should occur. We do not guarantee that these products will work every time, so it’s best to prepare the extension hair by coating it in a watered down conditioner, avoiding the bonded areas and tying the hair up securely to avoid chlorine contamination and tangling. We advise washing thoroughly afterwards and applying a generous amount of conditioner to the lengths and ends.

Specialist Hair Extension Products

We recommend only using products that are specifically designed for hair extensions as other types may cause damage to the bond or hair itself. It is always best to use the recommended aftercare products, such as the Remi Cachet Aftercare Range which includes products such as Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Oil and Miracle Mist. Containing some of the highest quality ingredients, our aftercare range has been specifically designed to be used with our hair extensions. There’s even a hair extension aftercare gift set and travel set for girls on the go!

Keep your hair looking gorgeous by taking good care of it and attending your regular maintenance appointments. When you’re ready to have your extensions removed, please visit your professional stylist for removal to avoid damage to your own hair and scalp.