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Hair Extension Aftercare Guide

Once you’ve got thicker, bouncier lengths thanks to your new hair extensions, you’ll be wanting to keep them in top condition. Correct aftercare is essential to maintain the quality of your hair and to help prolong its life. It is important to not only follow the correct advice but to also use appropriate, recommended products. Failure to follow correct aftercare advice could cause damage to both your natural hair and extensions, decreasing their lifespan.

At Additional Lengths, we’ve put together a hair extension aftercare guide to help you make the right choices when it comes to caring for your hair. Our selection of aftercare has been specially formulated with essential oils and ingredients to expand the longevity, and improve the performance of your hair extensions. 


Top tip: 

if you’ve chosen Remi Cachet hair extensions, then Remi Cachet aftercare products are the best choice for you. If you’re using our Additional Lengths hair extensions, then the Additional Lengths aftercare products should be used. Keep your looking healthy by exploring our aftercare range today. For hair and beauty advice discover ‘Your selfcare guide to healthy hair’.

How to untangle matted hair extensions

We all know that long hair, despite looking fabulous, is automatically prone to unwanted tangles. Follow these easy steps on how to untangle matted hair extensions:


Gently detangle the hair as much as possible with your fingers.


Split your hair into smaller, manageable sections. We’d recommend at least four sections – left and right, and the top and underneath of the hair.


Use a wide-toothed comb or a specialist tangle remover, such as the Tangle Teezer or the Remi Cachet de-tangling options to gently work through each section. For any larger knots, use a tail comb to gently loosen the knot. Remember to hold the extensions above the knot as you comb or brush the hair, to avoid putting pressure on the hair extension bonds.


Wash the hair (no scrubbing), then treat your hair with an intense conditioner – massage this gently into the lengths and ends of your hair, and use your fingers to comb through the hair as you apply. Treat your hair to the Remi Ccachet hair Extension Miracle Mist – a genius spray that will treat and condition your hair extensions during wear. Simply spritz onto the lengths of dry or damp hair both before and after washing to banish tangles and reap the benefits of sleek, smooth locks.


Brush through your hair again with a wide-toothed comb, then dry and style as required.

Like anything, prevention is better than cure. Check out our ‘How to stop your hair from tangling’ blog for expert advice. 

How to wash hair extensions

We recommend that you should wash your hair no more than 3 times per week.


Before washing, you should detangle the hair from ends to root using a gentle brush such as a Tangle Teezer.


Wash the hair in an upright position using specialist hair extension shampoo in lukewarm water, ensuring that you do not massage vigorously or twist the hair.


Massage the shampoo gently into the scalp and over bonded areas letting the suds run through the lengths of the hair.


Ensure the conditioner is only on the middle and ends of the hair - avoid putting product on the root area and areas where extensions are attached, making sure to rinse thoroughly to avoid any build-up.


After washing, avoid rolling or rubbing the hair, instead gently squeeze out the excess water and pat dry with a towel. Then, apply Remi Cachet Hair Extension Oil to damp hair, starting at the tips gently rub the oil into the hair moving upwards, avoiding the bonded areas at the roots.


Gently blow dry the hair using a cold setting to begin with, this avoids any problems with the bonds softening or rings corroding, then proceed to blow dry the hair as normal.

Get clued up on the does and don’ts of washing hair extensions in our ‘How to wash extensions blog’.

How to dry hair extensions

Don’t ever leave your hair to dry naturally as this can cause the bonds to go soft and tacky. Place your hairdryer on the lowest heat setting, and gently dry your hair at a low speed, working your hair in a way that suits you. You can use a blow drying product such as our Color Wow speed dry which helps hair dry quicker without dehydrating. 

Just like your natural hair, you must protect your hair from any heat styling. Heat can dry out your strands, which can lead to brittle, dull-looking hair. Here at Additional Lengths, we’ve got a broad range of protective hair care products to keep your hair healthy and shining. 


Top tip: 

Never go to sleep with wet hair - always make sure your extensions are completely dry to avoid any tangling, or knotting occurring. We suggest putting your hair into a loose ponytail or plait before bed which helps to prevent the hair from matting.


How to brush your hair extensions

It is important to use a professional extension brush when brushing the hair, and we recommend using the Remi Cachet hair extension brush which has been designed specifically for all types of hair extensions. You should always start to brush your hair from the bottom then slowly move up towards the top of the head to the root area. Hold your hair in a ponytail to avoid pulling on the extension. 

Can I use heat styling tools on my extensions?

If you’ve got synthetic hair extensions, it is not possible to use heated hair styling tools such as straighteners or curling wands, as it may damage the hair.

If you’ve got human hair extensions, then yes, your hair extensions can be styled just as you would your natural hair. Whatever heated hair tools you use, you can create a multitude of looks, from beach waves, luxurious curls, to sleek tresses, easily. Don’t forget to protect your hair, just as you would your natural hair, with appropriate heat protection products. This will ensure your lengths remain undamaged from over styling.

Can You Dye Human Hair Extensions?

Only 100% remy or human hair extensions can be coloured, synthetic hair extensions cannot be coloured. Bearing in mind that the hair extensions have already been through a chemical process, it is at your own risk if you decide to dye them as it may affect the hair condition. For this reason, it’s a good idea to dye your hair before getting hair extensions installed, and having the hair colour matched to your desired colour. For more information, browse our ‘Can you dye human hair extensions blog’.

How Long Do Hair Extensions Last?

How long your hair extensions last will depend on the type of hair extension you have fitted to your head. Temporary hair extensions, such as clip-in pieces are great for occasional wear as they can be clipped in and out, while weave extensions can last 8-12 weeks between maintenance appointments. Explore our How long do hair extensions last? blog, to find the appropriate information for you. 

Best Way To Store Hair Extensions

If you’ve opted for clip-in hair extensions to style out on an occasional basis, you’re going to need to know the best way to store hair extensions. After removing your hair extensions ensure all the clips are closed, then brush each weft carefully. Place your extensions in a storage box or case, then place in a cool, dry and out of sunlight. Ensure they are dry before storage. For advice choosing your storage box, or the best ways to brush before storing, explore our ‘Best way to store hair extensions’ blog.

Can You Swim With Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions are not recommended for use in chlorinated water, saltwater, and hard water with a high mineral content, or in hotter climates than normally accustomed to as damage or discolouration can occur. 

For avid swimmers and summer holiday pool dips, there are products such as Malibu C Hard Water or Malibu C Swimmers which can rectify the problem if discolouration should occur. We do not guarantee that these products will work every time, so it’s best to prepare the extension hair by coating it in a watered-down conditioner, avoiding the bonded areas and tying the hair up securely to avoid chlorine contamination and tangling. We advise to wash thoroughly afterwards and to apply a generous amount of conditioner to the lengths and ends.

Why Do I Need To Go To Maintenance Appointments?

As above, being proactive with aftercare will help ensure that you get the most out of your hair extensions. Naturally, over time your own hair will grow, so there will be some root growth that can be solved by keeping up with maintenance appointments with your stylist. They will remove the extensions and re-apply them further up at the roots, meaning that they will stay looking natural and healthy.

How are Hair Extensions Removed?

When it comes to removal, it’s important that you have your hair extensions removed professionally to avoid causing damage to your hair. Tape hair and pre-bonded hair applied with heat or cold fusion will also need a specific removal product to release the bonds. The removal process, depending on application, can take up to 2 hours.

Essential aftercare

We recommend only using products that are specifically designed for hair extensions as other types may cause damage to the bond or hair itself. It is always best to use the recommended aftercare products, such as the Remi Cachet Aftercare Range which includes products such as Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Oil and Miracle Mist. Containing some of the highest quality ingredients, our aftercare range has been specifically designed to be used with our hair extensions. There’s even a hair extension aftercare gift set and travel set for girls on the go!

Remi Cachet Hair Extension Shampoo

Sulphate and Paraben free, this Remi Cachet Hair Extension shampoo gently removes excess dirt, oil and impurities from both your hair and scalp. It leaves your hair vibrant and healthy with a natural-looking shine. Suitable for all hair extension types, this shampoo should not be used to wash the extensions. Instead, rinse the scalp hair thoroughly and the suds will run down the hair extension gently lifting any dirt from the hair; leaving it refreshed. 

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Remi Cachet Hair Extension Conditioner

This Remi Cachet Hair Extension Conditioner has been specially formulated with penetrating oils to nourish your long lasting hair extensions. Generously apply to each section (leaving the bonded areas) and leave to penetrate for 3-5 minutes. Experience manageable hair with a soft-to-touch radiant appearance.

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Remi Cachet Miracle Mist

Remi Cachet Miracle Mist has been carefully formulated to complement all hair extension products from the Remi Cachet range. Spray evenly onto damp, or dry hair before and after washing to minimise the risk of tangles or matting. Packed full of conditioning ingredients, your hair will look pristine, even after extended wear.

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Remi Cachet Hair Oil

Looking for long-lasting quality? Treat your lengths to Remi Cachet hair oil and inject a boost of radiance, and glossy shine. Apply a generous amount, starting at the tips and rub into the hair moving upwards. Do not apply to root or bonded areas.

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Remi Cachet Pre-Application Shampoo

Recommended before any hair extension application, this Remi Cachet Pre-Application shampoo is designed to completely cleanse the hair of any dirt, oil or product build-ups prior to the application of hair extensions.

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Remi Cachet Towel and Shower Cap

Drying your hair with a soft wrap towel keeps cuticles of your hair smooth, in comparison to rough towel drying. Saving you from excess water, our microfiber towel cuts down on drying time. Designed with a longer tail, your new longer lengths can fit and secure easily.

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Additional Lengths Hair Extension 100% Serum

Fully nourish your lengths with this unique formula that will effortlessly smooth split ends, while protecting the cuticle from moisture loss. Use daily on wet or dry hair to combat frizz or flyaways, and maintain a salon-worthy shine.

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Additional Lengths Hair Extension Shampoo

Replenish your hair with our hair extension shampoo which has been formulated to cleanse and improve the texture of your hair. Boasting Pro-Vitamin B5 for deep penetration, your hair is left nourished, and shiny, while protecting the bonded areas.

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Additional Lengths Hair Extension Conditioner

Intense treatment and conditioner in one, our versatile hair extension conditioner is suitable for all hair types. Recommended for use with our Additional Lengths Euro Premium range, this enriching formulation, containing vitamins, minerals and proteins, preserves your longer lengths, for a long-lasting salon-worth finish.

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Additional Lengths Hair Extension Heat Shield

Extend the lifespan of your human hair extensions and protect from heat damage with our heat shield spray. Providing a barrier, this shield protects from damage caused by hairdryers, styling irons and chemical heat treatments. As well as combating dehydration, spaying sparingly before application helps avoid frizz and helps maintain elasticity. Do not apply to bonded areas.

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Color Wow Aftercare Products

Our innovative problem-solving collection of hair care products here at Additional Lengths. This creative range is always at the forefront of identifying customers' pain points and resolving them with easy to use solutions. Whether you struggle with drying times, frizzy hair, brassy blonde roots or dryness, this award-winning range has everything you need to maintain vibrant, full-looking locks, in the comfort of your own home. Speed up your drying time with the iconic Color Wow Speed Dry Spray.

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Malibu C Aftercare Products

If you’re hitting the beach, or pool,  and need a clarifying hair shampoo, then look no further than this range of Malibu C hair care products at Additional Lengths. Ideal for regular swimmers, the Malibu C hard water hair treatment will repair the hair to reduce the risk of discolouration and dehydration caused by water. Restore your hair’s shine with a specialist Malibu C Swimmers Wellness Remedy, or add a Malibu C Scalp Treatment to your routine for some extra TLC.

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Moroccanoil Aftercare Products

Moroccanoil Aftercare products, here at Additional Lengths are sure to help you take care of your beautiful hair. Perfect for both natural hair and your extensions, these luxury aftercare products help you maintain soft, sleek, and glossy hair at all times. Providing a fresh, just stepped out the salon look, Moroccanoil is an expert in moisture repair. Ideal for those who dry ends that are crying out for some enriching hydration. Off on holiday? Be sure to pack Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream in your suitcase, as it is effective at combating frizz and the effects of humidity on hair.

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Hairbrushes and Combs

Remi Cachet Hair Extension Tangle Tamer

This sleek tangle tamer is innovatively designed to untangle and smooth your extensions without pulling or causing damage.

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Remi Cachet Hair Extension Paddle Brush

Just like the tangle tamer, this untangling tool will help smooth out your extensions without damage or pulling. The broad brush is perfect for long, thick hair.

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Remi Cachet Waving Comb

Create the ultimate beach waves by simply brushing out your curls with this waving comb. Use gently on dry hair to produce the waved look, or use delicately on wet hair to remove troublesome tangles. You can even use it in the shower to distribute the conditioner evenly throughout your lengths.

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Keep your hair looking luxurious by taking good care of it and attending your regular maintenance appointments. When you’re ready to have your extensions removed, please visit your professional stylist for removal to avoid damage to your own hair and scalp.