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Trendco 18” Wigs

Trendco 18” Wigs

18" Hair Extensions to buy online or in store from Additional Lengths


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Why not check out the Trendco 18” wigs that we have here at Additional Lengths for you to browse through and buy online today. If you want long hair pr a different hairstyle then our Trendco 18” wigs will be what you are looking for. With a range of colours such as darkest brown, lightest blonde, strawberry blonde, light auburn and many more we are sure you can find the Trendco 18” wigs that suits you best. Trendco manufacture some of the best wigs and this is why we are please to sell a wide range of their collection here. Make sure you check out our wide range of Trendco 18” wigs that we sell here for you today. You will not be disappointed.

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