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Here at Additional Lengths we sell a wide variety of Super Million Hair products. Sprinkle Super Million hair over the thinning area, the super million-hair mist helps the fibres stay in place.

Super Million Hair adds volume to your hair in 10 seconds; it comes in a variety of different colours to suit your hairs natural colour. A lot of people in the UK suffer from thinning of the hair. This does not have to be a problem now with Super Million Hair. Super Million Hair Stays in place in rain or wind and sweat, it is an inexpensive hair product to help with hair loss. It can quite easily be removed with normal shampoo; you can normally use the super million hairs up to 65 times.

When you sprinkle on the fibres, they attach to your own head, which then creates the look of hair. The super million hair fibres are 100% natural, which means it won’t cause damage to your hair or scalp, its light weight which will just feel like your normal hair. If have thinning hair that you would like to add some volume too then Super Million Hair products would be perfect for you.

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