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Sleep-In Rollers

Sleep-In Rollers

For those times you want full, bouncy curls without the effort, then opt for the Sleep-In Rollers from this range at Additional Lengths. Flexible and comfortable to sleep in, these hair rollers are a great option for achieving luxurious curls. The bun rings from Sleep-In Rollers can be worn day or night as a sleek updo for a sophisticated look! The celebrity inspired bun rings are easy to use and can turn a bad hair day into a fabulous hair day!

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Seeking an easy way to achieve effortless curl and bounce? Look no further than Sleep-In Rollers which were especially designed to be worn overnight, so you can wake up to gorgeous waves!

Achieve The Look You Want

Other types of rollers on the market may be too uncomfortable to wear overnight, which is why these sleep-in hair rollers are flexible and soft enough to ensure you get a good night's sleep. Rather than staying in one form, its unique foam design flattens the rollers when you are in bed, whilst still helping you gain volume and texture; perfect for women on the go who don’t have time for curling wands on a morning. Opt for the complete Sleep-In Rollers pack, ring bun or fringe roller for a sleek finish, and invest in the hair dryer hood for the perfect curling combination.

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