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Sleep-in Rollers Hair Accessories

Sleep-in Rollers Hair Accessories
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Are you tired of getting up early in the mornings to spend hours perfecting your look? Need a quick, simple and easy way to gain effortless curl and bounce? Look no further than Sleep-in Rollers, the hottest accessory around right now. Instead of suffering with hard rollers in bed or spending ages trying to replicate a look that can only be achieved with rollers, you simply pop these in before you to bed for gorgeous curls with impressive bounce!

Designed to remove stress from your mornings

With other types of rollers, you may feel as though they are too uncomfortable to wear at night. They may not be flexible, leaving you to sleep still in one position, or too hard to sleep. With Sleep-in Rollers, you never have to worry. Specifically designed to ensure maximum comfort throughout the night, you won’t even notice these in your hair. Rather than staying in one form, its unique foam design flattens the rollers when you are in bed, whilst still helping you gain volume and texture; perfect for women on the go.

Sleep-in Rollers available at Additional Lengths

All that is really required of you to achieve great hair in the morning is to roll up your hair, as you would with regular rollers, secure them with bobby pins or clips and go to sleep! For maximum comfort, you should also adjust the clips to ensure that they are in the best positions possible; that’s it! Wake up, remove them and give your hair a little shake into place. Sleep-in Rollers are something we believe all women should have in their arsenal, so order today to be one step closer to perfect hair. If you are interested, discover more from Additional Lengths including our weft hair extensions and hairpieces.