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La Riche Directions

La Riche Directions
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If you demand vibrant, bright, unique and colourful hair, we have the answer that you’ve been looking for. Directions by La Riche offers a beautiful variety of shades to meet all of your needs; be an individual with their product. Colours such as rose red, lilac, blue, coral, green and even yellow are possible with them - there are few other products on the market that are able to offer the same vibrancy and range - meaning that La Riche are definitely the market leaders.

Perfect for dip-dye, ombré and streaks

Your options aren’t limited when you choose La Riche Directions hair dye. Whether you want to add a pop of colour beneath your fringe, create a dip-dye/ombré effect in your hair or even go wild and dye the entirety of your head, Directions is the perfect dye to use. Rather than having similar properties to permanent hair dye,thesedyesrelyheavily on pigments. Due to this, they are semi-permanent and will give you more freedom. Change up your colour regularly, mix colours together to create your own unique shade and easily switch between transparencies by mixing with white conditioner; pastel hair is simple with Directions.

Affordable with endless possibilities

Visiting a salon to have your hair dyed is a wonderful experience, but sometimes can be quite expensive, especially if you simply need to brighten up your colour with a small splash of dye. Using Directions at home is quick, easy and extremely inexpensive with dyes costing under £5. Learn more about Directions by giving us a call or email. Otherwise, enjoy our delivery offers and order your new hairstyle with us today.