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Here at Additional Lengths we sell a wide range of I&K products for you to purchase online today, at excellent and competitive prices. You will be sure to find something you need from the collection of I&K products. 
We have an array of products for you to browse through such as hair pieces, human hair weft and wavy/curly human hair weft. In our I&K collection we have a range of colours such as jet black, medium chestnut browns, ash brown, lightest blondes and many more so this means that you can find the hair extensions and hair pieces that will suit your hair colour the best.
I&K are an international brand which was founded in 2005. Their businesses are set up in shopping centres on purpose built stores so it allows the customers to see first-hand the quality of their products and are able to feel them. Since then they have blossomed and have outlets in some of the best UK retail parks. Their hair products are currently one of the best on the market and this is why we are proud to sell a wide range of their goods here at Additional Lengths, making it easy for you to purchase online.
Many hair extensions come straight and are ready for you to style them. One of the best brands for wavy and curly hair extensions is I&K. Their fabulous range of wavy and curly hair extensions will be perfect to fit into your already curly locks and with a wide range of colours from lightest blonde to medium chestnut brown all the way up to jet black you are bound to find a match. 
If you like the great range available from the I&K brand then make sure you take a look at some of our other brands including Additional Lengths and Beauty Works. If you are looking to straighten your naturally curly hair, make sure you look at some of the best straighteners on the market on our GHD page.