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Flip-In Hair

Flip-In Hair

Here at Additional Lengths we are proud to offer the Flip-In Hair brand that has the hair industry talking. Flip-In Hair offers innovative products that offers a simple way to add style and volume to your hair in no time. If you are looking for a simple, fuss free alternative to traditional hair extensions - this is definitely the brand for you.

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Breathe new life in your thinning or damaged locks with the fantastic quality hair extensions from Flip-In Hair. Flip-In Hair products offer a more temporary method to traditional extensions without compromising on quality. In 2012, Flip-In Hair won the ‘Best Luxury Instant Extensions’ in the ‘Your Hair’ Awards, and continues to go from strength to strength.

How To Use Flip-In Hair

A Flip-In Hair pack includes fitting instructions, wire hair, tail comb and a hanger. Firstly, the wire of the hairpiece is placed behind the fringe line and is then pushed down over the head, the hair is then split over the ears and the wearer’s hair is then combed over the wire using a tail comb. The Flip-In Hair is attached to the head and not to the hair and therefore does not damage it in anyway; instead it fits snugly around the shape of your head. Once all the hair has been combed over you will have the finished look. Et voila!

Premium Hair Extensions at Additional Lengths

Flip-In Hair accompanies brand such as Remi Cachet and the hair extensions from Additional Lengths itself to provide customers with a wide range of choice when it comes to choosing premium quality hair extensions. Contact us for more information about your extensions today.