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Denman Accessories

Denman Accessories

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At Additional Lengths we like to bring you high quality brands and one of our very popular choices is Denman who brings you a range of accessories. 

Take a look through our selection of Denman Accessories online today; you are sure to find an item that your hair extensions will need! Denman are well known for their high quality brushes and have made special brushes which are designed to look after hair extensions. 

Brushes can sometimes be harsh and pull out hair extensions if you do not have a certain type of brush. Items from the Denman Accessories range will glide through your hair. Denman brushes are famous for their red half rounded pad which supports white nylon pins that are staggered out to create that perfect balance between gripping and controlling the hair whilst smoothly gliding through detangling. The style of the handle is called teardrop and even this has been designed to give you comfort when brushing. 


Today the Denman brush has grown and transformed from this classic variety and they have made a number of different brushes to give you ease when creating different styles. The hair extensions brush is perfect for different hair types and could be exactly the brush you are looking for to keep your hair beautifully maintained. 

Here at Additional Lengths we specialise in hair extensions and products to make sure that your hair stays in optimum condition but if you are new to using these and would like some advice or have any questions regarding any other products on our site do not hesitate to get in touch and we will help as best as we can.

If you love the Denman range of accessories make sure you take a look at our very own Additional Lengths Accessories. Also, if you are thinking about having a change but not sure what to go for, take a look at our Hair Pieces and Pony Tails range so you can test out a new style without a dramatic permanent change today.