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If you're looking for an easy way to update your look without going too extreme, why not consider adding a clip in fringe? Taking the plunge and getting a fringe cut in can be make or break, with many instantly wishing they could fast forward and grow their hair back, with a clip in version you can chop and change between looks without having to resort to scissors. At Additional Lengths we offer clip in fringes made from quality human hair, so that if you do want to try a new look, you just have to clip it in. 

Clip In Fringes - FAQ's

What are Clip In Fringes Made From?

Our clip in fringes are made from 100% human hair, the ideal choice for those wanting to add extensions that look natural and feel great. Compared to synthetic hair, human hair extensions are known to last longer with the right after care and can even fool the trained eye!


How to Put in a Clip In Fringe?

The clue is in the name, once you have found the perfect shade to match your natural hair, simply choose between a side and a full fringe before clipping your new 'bangs' into place. Use your natural hair to form a barrier over the clips if you are worried about them showing however clip in hair extensions are designed to look discreet.

How to Choose the Perfect Clip In Fringe?

A clip in fringe should look natural therefore it is important to find a colour that is a close to your natural hair colour as possible. Your face shape is also important here as you need to know which type of fringe is best for you. Round faces tend to suit side, sweeping fringes whereas those with longer, more oval shaped faces will look great with a full fringe. 

How to Care for Your Clip In Fringe?

As Additional Lengths clip in fringes are made from human hair, you need to ensure that you take care of your extensions to ensure they last a long time. Always use a soft bristle brush when styling hair and avoid any silicon based products, apart from that you are able to use the recommended products for your own hair to keep your fringe in check. 


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