Get The Look: Tulisa !

Get Tulisa’s Look in an instant by using our Instant Beehive and Clip-In Hair Extensions!

To create this look you will need:

– Clip in full set or instant salon hair extensions
– Yogi wand
– Instant beehive
– Hair grips/Kirby grips
– Hairspray

Add a full set of clip-in’s or the instant salon hair extensions to your hair ensuring to backcomb your root area where the clips are to be attached to secure the hair extensions in place.

Use the Yogi wand to curl your extensions and brush out gently to create a softer wave, you can pre-curl the extensions if you desire, Use a small amount of hairspray to hold the curls in place as you do not want to overload the extensions with product.

Part the very top section of your own hair up and attach the instant beehive into your hair under the top section, use Kirby grips to secure the beehive in place, then drop your own hair back over the instant beehive and pin loose hair where required.

Create this look for a special event or Christmas night out and be envy of all your friends and colleagues!

The links to create this look from additional lengths are:

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