Sorry that we have been telling you a long tale with our little April fool's. We aren't actually launching 60" hair extensions, but thank you for clicking through and joining in, but the longest length we currently do is 24" and we know you love them!

While we have your attention, we want to take this time to give you the opportunity to donate to a great cause. Some of you may know that it is Autism Awareness Week and Autism Awareness Day tomorrow (2nd April) so we thought this is a perfect time to support an amazing local charity by offering the opportunity for our customers to do something charitable, and whatever you donate, we will top up a little more to make it all the more special.


Daisy Chain is a unique charity which addresses the needs of children on the autism spectrum and their families. They provide a range of services, including support and activity groups for the whole family from their farm in Norton, close to our Head Office here in Stockton On Tees. You can find out more information about who Daisy Chain is and their great work in supporting those with Autism by visiting their website here.

If you are feeling charitable then we hope you contribute to this amazing charity and help as many people as possible!